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The #1 rated and most in demand wireless charging car mount in the world.
No more messy cables and trying to find the charger in your car when you should be focusing on driving.
Now you'll be able to wirelessly charge your phone on the road.
Simply attach your phone to the mount - and 'click' - it sticks perfectly to the magnet and charges your phone wirelessly.

You've probably seen the standard car chargers - yeah that's right, those bulky, ugly
looking things with long arms and hideous designs that block your sight while you drive.
The wireless charging magnet mount is sleek, futuristic and minimal to not only make your life easier but it also looks sexy in your car. 
It's so minimal and clean you'll barely notice it's there.
It's super simple to use the magnet mount.
Simply attach it to the air vent of your car and plug the USB cable to the charging mount or use the included dash attachment and mount it to any flat surface.

Then attach the magnet ring beneath your phone cover, and BOOM - 👍 you're good to go.

If you don't use a phone cover just attach the magnet ring to your phone directly.

The magnet mount provides fast charging up to 15W using our LightningFast™ technology.


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