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Snow Foam Cannon


SNOW FOAM Cannon - Foam Blast Your Car Sparkling Clean.

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Blast off all the dirt, grit and mud from your vehicle and keep it sparkling clean! Perfect gift for any car owner!

  • High Pressure Snow Foam Cannon is compatible with almost all pressure washers.
  • It can generate perfect dense foam even working with the smallest type of pressure washer. With quality detergent, Snow Foam Cannon will bring mousse style foam sticky on paintwork of vehicle, the more time it sticks, the more efficient it can solvent dirt & muds.
  • With perfect design and special treatment, the Snow Foam Cannon has no problem of foam density and leaking.
  • It not only saves your energy, it also makes washing your car enjoyable and elegant. The 1 litre bottle contains enough liquid allowing you spray high density foam cover all over your vehicle in seconds.  

1. Adjustable Foam Lance, foam cannon with 1/4" quick connect fitting OR K2 - K7 quick connect  fitting, and comes with a 33 OZ (1 litre) container bottle.
2. Can use with any Pressure Washer 1000 - 5000 PSI or more.
3. All the connectors are made of quality brass or durable plastics.
4. Variable, adjustable Spray Nozzle for accurate mixing and foam generation.
5. New Heavy Duty Design, ideal for enthusiast or professional use.


Not Sold in Stores - Revolutionary product exclusive online!




How To Use:

  • Unscrew fluid tank from foam cannon unit.
  • Fill fluid tank with water (for best results, use warm water.)
  • Add 1 - 3 ounces of your favorite car wash shampoo to the fluid tank.
  • Attach fluid tank to foam cannon unit.
  • Attach to pressure washer and enjoy your foam party!




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